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bSure Asbestos Testing in Telford

We are so much more than just an asbestos testing company. We always had the plan to ‘help’ people and keep them legally compliant, helping to ensure confidence, safety and skills development and, thankfully, guaranteeing to avoid a nasty HSE fine. That’s why we can get any suspected asbestos tested, with the results coming back to you on 24hrs – so no nasty delays in your project. With our guidance and training, 87% of asbestos detected you can remove yourself. So no unexpected costs from an asbestos company if you test comes back positive.

The law states (Regulation 10, CAR 2012) that any staff who could potentially disturb the fabric of a building and expose them to asbestos needs asbestos awareness training. At bSure Asbestos Testing, we can go way beyond just awareness, as we can actually train you and your colleagues on how to test for and then safely remove the asbestos if it does not require an asbestos license, avoiding a costly and lengthy removal process for your client by a specialist asbestos removal company in Telford.

You’d think that discovering asbestos in a domestic or commercial environment was a bad thing – ‘run for the hills and don’t report it’, says the ill-informed. But not only are the bSure team knowledgeable on the HSE regulations, but they can get the suspected asbestos tested, then advise on how to, if appropriate, remove it under notifiable non-licensed terms, so it causes minimal disruption to the project you are working on. Because let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is lose the contract over something that seems dangerous and complex, when in actual fact 87% of the time, asbestos is easily removable with the right training and without the need to employ any expensive asbestos removal company in Telford.

Bsure Asbestos Testing Telford

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Discover HOW we care for you here at bSure Asbestos Testing Telford

YOU never speak to an ‘answer machine’ here at bSure Asbestos Testing Telford

YOU are our No.1 priority so there is always a real, caring person, with expert knowledge of asbestos waiting to help you.

Why wait for others to test for asbestos when you can do it yourself!

Ensuring you avoid unwanted delays and costs.

We only offer you Fixed Priced Testing – No ‘crafty hidden extras!’

Our test kits have a 30% detection rate, unlike the higher detection rate of 60% of some asbestos removal companies as they have a vested interest, unlike us.

We’ll support you 24/7, guaranteeing you’ll always be able to remain compliant and confident.

Once we’ve tested the asbestos for you, the support does not stop there. Anytime you suspect you or your colleagues have found asbestos, we manage the whole process from testing to informing the HSE, so you can be assured at all times that you stay legal.

No Discovery of Asbestos is unfixable!

There is literally nothing in the land of domestic or commercial properties that we can’t train you on so you stay inside the asbestos regulations. We can do it all for you.

Your 100% Happy Money Back Guarantee!

Our reputation and your happiness matters and this is why if you are not 100% happy with the testing we have provided, we’ll give you your money back.

bSure Asbestos Testing Telford is a team of highly capable trainers and asbestos experts. They have several years of experience in testing, training and advising companies on solving asbestos related problems and avoiding any potential HSE fines by being compliant.

We are locally famous for helping you with:

Everything and Anything when it comes to asbestos. The list is endless but for the most part we mainly help you with your asbestos training and testing needs. Also we receive many telephone of calls on how to manage asbestos, and for informing the HSE once you’ve discovered asbestos. More and more companies require asbestos to be managed, from testing to informing the HSE, so they stay within the asbestos regulations.

Have you discovered asbestos? Or do you need to have yourself and your colleagues trained incase you do find asbestos on a project in Telford?

1. Call our friendly expert team

2. Tell us the problem you want solving

3. Subscribe to one of our training packages for guaranteed peace of mind!

And remember, our money back 100% HAPPY Guarantee!

We help you with EVERYTHING asbestos related actually!

Not everybody knows, but there are actually 3 main types of asbestos in the UK; Chrysolite (white), Amosite (brown) and Crocidolite (blue). For many years asbestos has been used in products such as ‘Artex’ ceilings, ‘Marley’ floors tiles, thermoplastic flooring and even some vinyl floor tiles too. At peak production, in the 1960s, it could be found in over 18,000 different articles including many building products. As asbestos particles cannot be seen by the naked eye, unless the suspected asbestos is tested (and in the eyes of the HSE it’s asbestos until proven otherwise) and dealt with accordingly, you could risk failing to comply with the law and be on for a hefty fine from the HSE.

And what’s even worse, if asbestos is detected by another trades person after you’ve completed a job and the HSE have not been informed, this could lead to the exposure of others to asbestos and potential prosecution by the HSE. But the good news is, rather than discovering asbestos as being a pain and a set back, with our training.

87% of asbestos can be removed by a trained person who’s been on one of our courses.

So whether you want to keep your staff trained or need help in understanding your legal requirements as a business owner and/or employer, we are here to help.

We can help you with all your asbestos training and testing needs here at bSure Asbestos Testing in Telford.

Your Panic is Over

bSure Asbestos Training Telford are here for you in Telford! bSure Asbestos Training Telford in Telford have very quickly become the No.1 choice for local companies who might come across asbestos as part of their work and therefore need to safeguard their colleagues and customer from the potential pitfalls of such a discovery.

You need an asbestos expert in a hurry. You simply don’t have the time to shop around. It should be comforting to know why we offer you such ‘no-brainer’ solutions with our fixed price training subscription packages and guarantee of ‘don’t pay until you are 100% happy’. We offer you these solutions because we care and we treat all our customers like one of our own, as though you are a member of our own family.

Once we’ve trained you, the support doesn’t stop there as we’ll be on hand to support you should you discover asbestos. Not only will we be able to help you test and remove it safely through our training and 24hr emergency test kits, but we’ll also support you in informing the HSE and managing the case, along with a method and risk assessment statement compliance when you submit your report to the HSE.

Meet your local bSure Asbestos Training Telford team.

The team are literally standing by for you right now to help you. Whatever support you need when it comes to asbestos, then know that Ian, Kerry and their trusty and experienced team of asbestos experts in Telford can advise you. They’ve all worked in the asbestos and Health and Safety Industry for years and collectively they have over 100 years working in this area. They will literally bend over backwards to ensure that you are looked after in a very friendly yet professional way at all times.